About me


I'm Crack Cartoons, I'm an artist who lives in San Francisco, California. My work mostly involves cartoon characters that I draw from my imagination. I try to involve a lot of movement into my characters to make them seem as if they were actually walking/ jumping/moving,etc. rather then them just looking stiff.

I go under the artist name "Crack Cartoons" because back in high school I kinda wanted to be a graffiti writer/artist and I needed a tag name so I chose the name Crack Cartoons because my characters kinda looked like they were on some type of drug, hence the name CRACK Cartoons.

I began drawing in kindergarten and i haven't really stopped since then. My work is more towards the cartoony side rather than realistic, as you probably seen. I like to draw a lot of my characters in weird/ funny situations. My goal as an artist is to be known as the best artist  ( Big goal I know, maybe you can even call me cocky. But, if you have a goal in life you should aim high, right? 'cause what do you have to lose? )

If you're interested in my work, don't be shy, hit that contact button.

( P.s. My real name is Isabel, just in case you were wondering. )